“Nobody can reverse aging. But we can reverse the effects of it in your skin. Our double-blind clinical trials prove it.”

-Greg Pilant, CEO & Founder

It’s time for you to look

the way you feel.

30 Everyday People

Watched their skin improve before their eyes!

The 30 volunteers didn’t know anything about this product while testing it..

…Yet 8 out of 10 asked how to purchase it after seeing their results!

Real Science, Not Hype.

Every skincare product nowadays claims to be backed by “science”.
At Radien, we actually publish our double-blind clinical trials, leaving our products light on marketing hype and real on results. Our customers see improvements in their skin in as little as five days.

“Skin aging is like a chronic wound that does not completely heal”.

Cosmetic Dermatology
– Zoe Draelos, MD, clinical and research dermatologist

From healing chronic wounds to age reversal, for the past 20 years, QXP has done some amazing things in the world of skin care.

Luxury You Can Feel

Aside from our patent pending active ingredients, we’ve taken great care in formulating products that you actually want to put on your skin. They feel and smell amazing. Let’s just say, if our creams were a set of bed sheets they’d be 10,000 thread count Egyptian Cotton with a 48k gold silk weave.

Our Story – The Short Version

In 1996 Greg Pilant started an R&D company with the goal of finding & licensing new ways to heal chronic wounds. What are chronic wounds, you ask? Basically, they’re nasty wounds that haven’t seen progress after at least 90 days of clinical treatment.

Greg and his team made some amazing discoveries that down-regulating matrix metalloproteases (MMPs), which are proteases that break down proteins such as collagen, laminin, and elastin, would substantially increase the ability of chronic wounds to heal.

Fast forward 20 years, multiple clinical trials, government-backed experiments, and international licensing agreements later…
Greg realized that the same discoveries he made in wound care could drastically improve the appearance of regular skin, from the inside out (age reversal!). And so, Radien was born…