Begin Now! Believe Your Eyes 90 Day Challenge… RadiénLife™ asks that you make a commitment to the “Pledge??? and follow the instructions listed below.



I want to take the Believe Your Eyes 90 Day Challenge and I understand, commit and agree to:

I will purchase the complete Ladies Skin Care set (made up of 1 each of RadiénIx™ Day Cream, RadiénIx™ Night Cream and RadiénIx™ Eye Cream or 1 Mens QXP™ AntiAging Skin Cream) on a monthly automatic convenience order (ACO) for a minimum of 3 consecutive months. I understand that if I’m satisfied and have followed the RadiénLife™ Protocol, RadiénLife™ will provide the 4th month free.

I agree to take before and after photographs as instructed below. Additionally, I give RadiénLife™ my permission to use the photos at their reasonable discretion.

Instructions: Take pictures on Day 0 before beginning to use the product, again on Day 30, Day 60, Day 90 and Day 120.

At each interval stated above, take 3 pictures…one of the left side of your face, one of the right side of your face and one of your face forward. Each picture should be taken in the same room with the same lighting and the same camera. Do not have make up on at the time of any pictures. Your eyes should be closed. Ladies, and men with long hair, your hair should be pulled back.

Use RadiénIx™ Day Cream once each day, RadiénIx™ Night Cream once each night, RadiénIx™ Eye Cream 2 times per day (morning and night).

To register the beginning of your BYE 90 Day Challenge, please email your name, phone (preferably cell), attach your Day 0 picture and state your start date and date of the picture. Send to:

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