About Us

Biocellerex™ and its associated group has been in medical research for over twenty years with its focus on developing new medical and cosmetic technologies. Combined investment has been over 100 million dollars. Biocellerex™ is a research and development company that targets medical problems in the world that have no viable alternative treatment. This patent pending process specializes in technology using peptides and proteases down-regulators. Radien, International, LLC (the ‘Company’) markets the cosmetic line of Biocellerex™ using clinically proven products to provide a complete line of anti-aging and cosmetic solutions for diverse global consumption.


Oak Bark Extract Technology

One of the broadly-enabling technologies is a synthetic composition known as ‘QXP™’. QXP™ is a synthetic compound modeled after a natural product coming from a process using bark and making an Oak Bark Extract (OBE) from a specific species of the Red Oak tree family. QXP™ down-regulates the production of matrix metalloproteinases, or MMPs, which are known to cause up to 80% of chronic wounds.¹

RadiénIx™ Believe Your Eyes!

An exciting outgrowth from the wound-care technology was the development of a pro-active tissue regenerative dermatological formula for anti-aging, the RadiénIx™ skin care line. RadiénIx™ offers a proprietary blend of ingredients including a unique peptide and phytoestrogen that provides visible results within 5 days of use. Within 9 weeks, the RadiénIx™ unique technology increases the skin’s natural collagen level, resulting in an observable reduction in the length and depth of facial lines.²

Facial wrinkling associated with aging is caused – and exacerbated – by many factors. Beyond the physiological pathways, molecular mechanisms involved in facial aging include changes in collagen conformation, elastin polypeptide degradation, and problems of the skin lipid matrix.

Research at a number of universities found that QXP™ was effective in controlling a group of proteases and other enzymes associated with the breakdown of collagen and tissue in the skin. The breakdown of collagen is a key factor in the aging of skin. The Company’s protease-targeting technology, QXP™, allows this product line to provide unique and superior skin care treatment.

Our breakthrough transforming products are ready to be shared with people around the world of all ages and skin types to give them healthier and younger looking skin into their golden years.

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